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# Tools for Cyber Power UPS
**registerups** - script for registering a host on the UPS SNMP card as it does a Power Panel.

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# registerups
By using SNMP protocol, we can monitor an UPS state and shutdown a hosts connected to the UPS without using a proprietary Cyber Power software. But, some features works only with Power Panel software. For example, SNMP card can send signal to the Power Panel clients when UPS performs scheduled shutdown. In this case we can handle SNMP trap from SNMP card to shutdown non- Power Panel clients. But if there are no Power Panel clients, UPS not sends signal, and not sends an SNMP trap. Therefore, if we whant to shutdown SNMP clients correctly, we should install at lest one Power Panel client. Or we can use a registerups python script to register a host on the ups without using a Power Panel.